Saturday, June 15, 2013

Crescent Beach Wedding - Vancouver BC Based Photographer

This was a pretty special wedding for me as it was a younger sister of a lifelong friend and the wedding happened five days after my father passed.  It was a great way pull myself out of my sadness for the day and do something that has always brought joy to my heart, photography. I made the bride promise me to not ask me how I was for the day and I did really well until the end of the night when she danced with her father. That brought on the tears. Now with Father's Day this weekend I am lucky to have memories of my Dad walking me down the aisle at my own wedding many years ago. He gave me strength to power through this wedding and I hope to keep making him proud into the future. The sun came out just in time for this outdoor wedding and made for some beautiful photos. They were a pleasure to shoot.

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