Monday, December 19, 2011

Australia Part 1 - Vancouver BC Based Photographer

My first exposure to anything Australian was in 1991 the year I moved to Whistler and within the next year I was headed there for a year with two closest friends. I was back there briefly in 1994 so it blew my mind being there 17 years later. It was hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it had been that long. The motivation of course for this visit was for my girlfriends wedding. The flight there was less painful than I remember which might be due to the fact that I flew to Sydney direct with a quick flight to Melbourne after convincing Australian customs I did not have drugs in my luggage. The first few days were filled with wedding errands and prep but with my camera in hand I was never bored.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Ugly Sweater Photo Contest - Vancouver BC Based Photographer

In the spirit of the holiday season I'm holding a photo contest with the winner receiving a portrait session with me in the new year.  So grab your ugly sweaters, wigs moustaches, antlers, etc. Be as creative as you like the crazier the better.  Use your phone, your computer camera or your digital camera as you will not be judged on photography skills.

The session is limited to 4 people and must be booked in advance. Please read the contest rules below. 

1. Like this page. 

2. Follow me on twitter

3. Upload your photo to the "ugly sweater" album on facebook and tag your name on it.

4. Have fun. See your inspiration below.

I will announce here on my Facebook business page on Dec 24th, 2011.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Newest Addition - Vancouver BC Based Photographer

I'm exactly four months behind in announcing the arrival of my newest niece or otherwise known as photo model No. 2.  Her older sister has done an excellent job over the last three years and now I have a back up thanks to my sister, thanks sis! It brings tears to my eyes seeing my father hold her which I'm extremely grateful every time I witness it.

I am also grateful that I have a warm place to sleep at night, food on the table and an amazing support system of family and friends. I will be announcing a portrait giveaway in the next few days.  You will have the opportunity to enter starting Friday.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Family Christmas Portraits - Vancouver BC Based Photographer

This session was so fun for me because it involved my girlfriend that I have known since I was 10 which is scary because I'm about to turn 40 in exactly twenty three days.  Every time I receive a text from her she reminds me of this very fact.  She is so very sweet.  So with santa hats, Christmas sweaters and my hand carved mustaches we did family portraits today with her husband and two children.  Nothing ends a great session with a jumping family photo. (no two year olds were hurt to achieve this photo)