Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good times in Squamish - Vancouver BC Based Photographer

When I was little I loved when the traveling amusement rides showed up in Langley.  I was young enough to not notice how sketchy the rides were and I could head there myself without the parents. These pics have that feel.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Family Portraits - Vancouver BC Photographer

This family is like family to me. We have lots of history together so shooting their family portraits a few weeks back made me very happy. I have shot thousands of photos of Mason when I was his nanny and that is seriously not an exaggeration. That poor boy put up with the endless requests to stop and take a photo which I hope he looks back fondly when he is much older.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flower Therapy - Vancouver BC Based Photographer

For me heading outside by myself with my camera is definitely therapeutic. Its a great distraction from the world racing around me. I love flowers in all shapes and forms but one of my favorites is tulips. Last month I headed up to Queen Elizabeth Park to shoot some spring flowers when I came across a beautiful white tulip with a red stripe through the middle of one petal. So beautiful and unique. My world is quite calm right now (knock on wood) as I got to spend the afternoon with my Father on Father's Day. A day I would have dreaded a few months ago but things are holding steady right now.  A normal day today which is so different from a normal day 6 months ago.

Happy Fathers Day Dad. These flowers are for you.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Miksa Restaurant - Bowen Island - Vancouver BC Based Photographer

At the beginning of the month I headed over to Bowen Island to shoot local eatery Miksa. This local favorite is just a few minutes walk from the ferry is owned and run by an old friend from Whistler Michael Nagy and his lovely girlfriend Jazzmin Carson.  My husband and I were lucky to be at the receiving end of many home cooked meals by Chef Nagy during his time in Whistler.  So happy to see the success they have had with Miksa and Jazzmin also doubled as model, which she pulled of well considering she just gave birth to their second child at the end of April. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kelowna Body Building Competition Part 2 - Vancouver BC Based Photographer

Last month I was in Kelowna for the weekend to shoot one of my oldest friends and a few others in 2011 BCABBA (British Columbia Amateur Bodybuilding Association). It was pretty fun to watch her get on stage knowing the dedication it took to get there.  There was a bit of everything from bodybuilding, to fitness and bikini.  I'm extremely shy when it comes to anything that puts me in front of any size of group so I give all the women and men who stood up there to be judged huge props.