Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good Bye - Vancouver BC Based Photographer

On May 14th I had to let go of the most influential man in my life. My Dad, along with my Mother, allowed me to follow my own path in life. He put a camera in my hand at a young age when I showed interest and gave me the skills to do anything I had set my mind to. He was a one of a kind never to be repeated. He was raised in a time when you contributed to your community and carried on this way his whole life. He was selfless of his free time to his family, friends, neighbors and strangers. My father gave of his time and knowledge to the Tetra Society by designing and fabricating one of a kind gizmos for clients with physical limitations. All I had to do is mention something I wanted made and on my next visit he would already have drawn out the design with measurements on his graph paper and an estimate on cost. My apartment is covered in Marvin Pflug originals.

It doesn't feel possible that this world will no longer benefit from his presence.