Sunday, March 27, 2011

SPRING!!!!!!! - Vancouver BC Based Photographer

Just in case you were wondering it is now spring in Mt Pleasant.  All the cherry blossom trees and their friends say so. I might have said this before but my neighborhood MT PLEASANT rules.


  1. Thanks. Photography brings me a lot of joy.

  2. Those are brilliant, and truly representative of the 'hood ... It is one I have loved since first moving into the city from the 'burbs. We're the tall house on 11th with the Juliette balcony (the only one!) and a never-quite-finished garden ... well ... for the past 18 years, anyway!

    Glad to be sharing the neighbourhood with you!

  3. whoops! if I've commented twice, please disregard one or the other (and this one too!)

  4. Hi Karen. Thanks for taking the time to comment. The lady that lives at the corner of 15th and Ontario spends so much time and effort on making that corner beautiful which most of these photos were taken. If you ever finish your garden give me a call.

  5. Thanks Lauren. I just realised I found your blog because of CollageCollage ... my girls just finished a beautiful and totally inspiring week of crafternoons with Erin. I am in permanent awe of Erin (and Sarah, who was there too ...). (Funny, I forget how I come across a blog and them am surprised when the blogger is in town!)

    I was looking at your pictures of the cherry blossoms just now and again the middles of the flowers really stood out ... the way they reach for the sky like fireworks or something. Your photos are stunning.



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