Monday, June 14, 2010


This past weekend was a little stressful. I went to back up my main external hard drive and it wouldn't work. I tried to stay calm for the first hour while I switched up cords, rebooted my computer and any other lame attempts while I asked the nice black box holding all my photos to turn on. I'm pretty good at backing up my work so I knew I was only missing a few photo sessions with copies to customers already out there and my most recent session was still on my memory cards. I was really trying to avoid having to edit them all over again. I changed my Facebook status and called out for help which I received from many great friends and after running Disk Warrior on my drive for ten minutes today my drive was restored to normal thanks to Mike H. Now that I received a second chance I have been double checking all my files to make sure and I came across a few great pictures that I had totally forgot about. I take a lot.

If you don't already know Pilar Alvarez than you are missing out and should go straight to her website and check her out. Below is from a session we did together back in 2008.


  1. whew! glad it all worked out. I can relate. GREAT images as per usual :) - great subject too!


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