Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Miksa Restaurant - Bowen Island - Vancouver BC Based Photographer

At the beginning of the month I headed over to Bowen Island to shoot local eatery Miksa. This local favorite is just a few minutes walk from the ferry is owned and run by an old friend from Whistler Michael Nagy and his lovely girlfriend Jazzmin Carson.  My husband and I were lucky to be at the receiving end of many home cooked meals by Chef Nagy during his time in Whistler.  So happy to see the success they have had with Miksa and Jazzmin also doubled as model, which she pulled of well considering she just gave birth to their second child at the end of April. 


  1. You know, I've lived here all my life, but I still haven't been to Bowen! Perhaps that's one I must do this summer ... and then maybe I'll move there ... when Vancouver (and the school system) does me in completely. But then, I'd have to convince Erin to move there too because where would I be without CollageCollage?!

    You're right, your friend is gorgeous, and considering her new baby is so young, she looks so fresh! (The only way you'd have photographed me at that point in any of my babies first couple of months would have been with my forehead on the table!!!

    But what I really love is the tattoo. What a great shot! What a fantastic tatt! I think if I were to get one (and I won't) ... it would be one like that.

  2. Karen. Funny you posted today I was wondering where my best commenter had been.

    Go to Bowen. Go park in long term parking at Horseshoe Bay and walk onto the ferry. Its a great quick getaway.


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