Monday, January 3, 2011

Langley welcomes Baby Morgan

So back in September I shot expectant parents of Morgan at Granville Island, session here. They were pretty much ready to meet her then so they must have been over the moon when she arrived at the end of November. We did a quick session in December so they would have presents for friends and family at Christmas.


  1. hi lauren.
    actually i love reading yr blog since long time ago and i so happy to know that you had given birth to yr little girl smoothly.
    May God Bless your baby girl and your family.
    take care!
    I'm Ellen by the way!

  2. Hi Ellen
    Thanks for following my blog. I have not had a baby but I take pictures of many beautiful children.

  3. opps, sorry that i misunderstood your article. i'm so sorry bout that. but i really love the pictures that you took. they are really beautiful.

  4. No problem Ellen. Keep visiting my blog. I appreciate the comments.


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